Monday, September 20, 2004

My Weekend Happenings

My weekend was very full to say the least...
First, it was Arrowhead Stadium, the Red Friday Fanfest with vendors, food, music and a pep rally.  That was very long!  I was there with the Avon booth and we got lots of leads and made quite a few sales too.  Since that lasted until 11pm, I had nothing else that day.  Saturday I went to St. Joseph, MO to a picnic of former co-workers I haven't seen in at least two years or more!  That was excellent!  We ate, talked and talked and visited one with another, exchanged information, and we all dwindled back home.  It was so good to see everyone!  That evening was back out to Arrowhead but the tiny crowd of prospects was way too small so we cancelled that! 
Then Sunday, it was off to Wichita with my Mom, Dad and sisters.  To get us a NuWay burger!  They are greatly missed by my Mom who was so happy to have one.  She brought back 12 burgers!  They won't be venturing out of Wichita soon...they do sell frozen ones too, but they have to have advance notice for the purchase of frozen NuWays.  That was fun but we took our time getting there and back and now here I am posting.  I still need to get in contact with the leads from the Arrowhead gig we did.  See if maybe I find more people here! 
Today I need to deliver books and orders and tomorrow, its an interview that I have been waiting for!  Wish me luck!!!!