Saturday, June 21, 2008

Long time, no posts!

Geez! Its been a long time since I've posted anything new. My Pom never came back. I already have another dog who was not able to stay with my cousin. He's been through two left with his son, and now they've moved and can't take the dog with them. So now he's mine. He is so playful! Its a Shitzu. Such a happy dog. I really like him. He is bigger than I wanted but is so good. He minds and has been house trained very well. I've not had a dog like that before. I've always had to work with them - a lot! Probably since I don't have much time at home anyway. It's always been work.

My grand baby was here today with my daughter. They spent time here while waiting for her car to be fixed. He is just so talkative now. He tries to say everything he hears. I wish I was more grandma-like. I feel like I should just be keeping him often, but I don't and I don't want to. I do visit them a bit. But I just love my free weekends even if I do nothing! Maybe that will change in the future. Well, enough for now...

Still haven't been to a meeting...well. Its been maybe three weeks! I do a daily posting of Courage to Change though for an online group I am a member of. Which I forgot to do today!!! So I played catch-up about an hour ago!