Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am feeling my life.

Okay still gone for a while. My poor little car is now dead, I really need a major change in my life both professional and financial and I am very slow to make it happen. I have always been that way and I thought that had changed. But to my - somewhat - surprise it is still a bad habit. I am taking care of my diabetes, but the other stuff is what I am hesitating on. Like I can only concentrate on one area at a time. But it needs to be moving faster in the other areas. I am pretty disappointed with myself and I keep getting distracted by frivolous things in my life. They matter, but the financial and professional parts matter more. And I am at a standstill there and while I procrastinate....things are not getting better. I feel stuck in more ways than one and I can't move like I'm stuck in tar or something.