Thursday, June 07, 2007

My car

Tiny little thing isn't it? Nice though! I'm so loving it! And today we had thunderstorms producing HAIL! Not in my hood nor at my job, so no dings in it from hail. Previous dings yes, new dings, No... Yeah!
On a sad note, the girl who was missing from Overland Park was found dead in the Longview Lake area. OP is considered a part of the Greater Kansas City area. Longview as well. So both are close by. This came up in my CodA meeting today. She said she felt so helpless to do anything about such a thing and thinking about us single women in the group. How it could have been us. We are a close knit group, small but close. We care about each other so much. And we are missing a couple others lately, you know who you are! Come back!!!!
They treated me out to a meal tonight for my 2nd year anniversary with the group! I'd never been before so it was a treat! Fun night out with the ladies! I was so happy to see them and be there to vent my frustrations from the last two weeks. I've missed two weeks not feeling good and car problems. And work isn't helping anything, not even my wallet. I'm so glad the ladies are there to vent to and whine to, so I can get it off my chest. And maybe start moving on with what needs to be done....
Today I am grateful that I am still running on the same tank of gas from Sunday's fill up! That's a $60 difference!
I am grateful for the group! The new healthier friendships I have in CodA.
My grandbaby! Who smiles and runs to me when he sees me! He melts my heart way too fast!!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's a new car!!!! -to me anyway-

Yeah! The car my dad found yesterday is the mine now. It is very nice! I did what immediately needed to be done and now, its fine. One kinda more than minor thing but at least not expensive. Not very! But my money is really tight and I owe my dad who is so glad to have me in a descent car. I love it!! My first foreign one. Its a Nissan Sentra 95. Power sunroof, nice, nice, nice! I was just thinking yesterday how badly I needed to find one. My father totally left it up to me to decide and I almost said no....but I kept asking God to guide me and here I am in it now. I was a really good deal. I haven't seen one near as nice and I wasn't even looking at cars newer than 90 - 91! And they were almost as much and had major stuff to fix! So off to do my Avon and check on a relatives house who is out of town! I so love it!

I thank God for this blessing!

I am grateful for my kids who got me out of bed this morning to go to church. I was gonna skip!
That was a rare thing for them to come.

I am grateful for my grand baby, who freaked out in the nursery this morning and I went to calm him down. So I just stayed with him in the nursery till the end of service. Our church is now pod casting? So I think I can hear this mornings sermon later today or when I want?

I am grateful the church provided lunch today for free for the congregation. Like I said, my money is tight!

I thank God I am keeping to my scheduled exercise routine, and I feel good!

Thanks for listening! I will be getting around to read everyone soon! By mid-week is my goal!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Busy with Life!

I'm back! Sorry for the absence but it seems everyone else is busy too with life! And its nice outside! I have been out and about alot! My cousin was in town too for a while to see his son graduate. I haven't seen that guy that told me I wasn't a "good Mexican woman" anymore and that's good. Not that I am holding anything against him. I did have to keep giving it to God and now I'm good. I went out with my cousin's wife last night and that was fun. She needed to get her mind off the fact that her hubby is headed back to Afghanistan for ten months now. She gets depressed easy. Very easy and tends to stay in it longer than she should. I dont' know if she can help that or not. I would think not, so we get her out to get things off her mind. And so she doesn't just dwell in it! She has recently gone through a lot. They both have.

Anyway, life has been good and I still haven't found another car yet. Wah! I am so dying to get one but the process seems very slow since I can't travel much and gas prices are so high. I am seeking to buy a used car from and individual and it is taking longer than I thought. I wanted to buy the first one I saw!!! It did seem like a good deal to me, but, my dad said no. So here I sit! Well! just got word he found a Sentra for me so lets see!!! Maybe this weekend is my weekend!!!

It was great spending time with my cousin and his family. Now he's gone. I will miss him!