Sunday, September 20, 2009

I made it to a meeting!!!

I made it to a meeting a few weeks ago and forgot to post! I haven't made it back yet. It was good to see everyone.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

All turning out well...

Well, concerning my last post, it does seem to be turning out okay. I, on the other hand am still depriving myself of sleep. I am on vacation for a few days and seem to have stuffed my first day full of stuff I want to do. And I should be in bed, but fighting it again.

I just dropped my oldest off at college and I am glad she is going back. Still worried about the financial part of it. But it hasn't seemed to stop her from going.

One of my darlings got into some trouble and I don't want to post exactly what - even though if you are in AA or Al-Anon circles, it really applies here. She is working this matter out herself and I am glad to see that. I have helped her a little this week, glad to do so though. It doesn't get requested often. But it is in her hands and she is taking care of it.

I am getting quite a bit of exercise and my blood sugar numbers are looking really good. I did get my A1C down from 7.2 to 6.3! So very happy about that. My goal was 6.5, but I never thought it would drop down so fast!!! I am very tired though, maybe its the SLEEP I'm still missing!!! Ya Think???

I need to get to a meeting. I think I will go sometime this week!

Good night!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Received some bad news today...I am pretty speechless. Concerning a loved one. I hope it does not continue to progress in the wrong direction. That's all I can utter right now. All I am willing to post.

I am grateful for:
My God
My kids
My Grand baby
My Family
Al-Anon community
The ability to let go and know it will be okay
The ability to do the above and not fight with myself so much about it

Friday, July 03, 2009

Still Here!

Still feeling stuck and things aren't moving still, but I feel better. Maybe this is where I am supposed to be right now...for what reason I don't know, but I'm still here. I guess I need to make it work while I am here. And be grateful I am not in a worse situation, because right now, I could be.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I am feeling my life.

Okay still gone for a while. My poor little car is now dead, I really need a major change in my life both professional and financial and I am very slow to make it happen. I have always been that way and I thought that had changed. But to my - somewhat - surprise it is still a bad habit. I am taking care of my diabetes, but the other stuff is what I am hesitating on. Like I can only concentrate on one area at a time. But it needs to be moving faster in the other areas. I am pretty disappointed with myself and I keep getting distracted by frivolous things in my life. They matter, but the financial and professional parts matter more. And I am at a standstill there and while I procrastinate....things are not getting better. I feel stuck in more ways than one and I can't move like I'm stuck in tar or something.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Been gone a minute or two!

Well, its been a very long time since I've been here! I was diagnosed with Diabetes in December and I've been really working on me! Still haven't been to a meeting, still stressed at work, my beau has moved in now, and I am about to start a diet to lose weight so I can get off these meds I'm on! I hope I can do it. The Dr. Ian Four Day Diet. Myself and family members too. I am hoping this will be good to my body! I am doing well on watching what I eat and I am doing well with my blood sugar.

My body is getting used to the lower blood sugars too. It used to affect me when I got into the 300's but now it affects me when it goes into the 200's! I am staying pretty much into my target ranges, 100 - 150 except for some mornings I am over 120. I will see an educator this week so I can figure out what is going on there with my higher numbers in the morning!

I think I really need to get back to my meetings again. I just notice some codependent behavior I want to change or maybe that I just noticed. So I think I need to pick back up my meetings and my daily readings. Well, so much for now!