Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Well, I had a nice holiday this year. I spent plenty of time with my family and a little with my bf's family too. They don't hang together so much like my family does. It was nice though. They have lots of different problems too. Different than my own family. It was interesting hearing it. There are always others worse off than yourself. You see how much your own are blessed after hearing others problems or woes.

Bad thing. I've allowed other things get in the way of my meetings. The job is one thing on Thursdays but on Friday's life is mostly getting in the way. I need to discipline myself better and JUST DO IT! Go to my meetings on Fridays at the very least! It will be a while before I can get to the Thursday night meetings again. And now they've moved up to 5 pm again! I still lack in taking care of me mostly at work. I work thru lunch, work late, don't eat or eat too late. Or wait until I feel bad to eat. I am trying to become an early bird which isn't working very well. I try to make changes and can't seem to get them done. At least I recognize and I'm trying I keep thinking. I've forgotten to ask my HP for help too. Things will smooth out when I do that but I forget to do it mostly.

I was surprised by the generosity of my bf this Christmas. I didn't expect it. I guess I expected less. And I even tried to stop it a couple of times. Then I caught my self! What am I doing? Just let him do what he wanted to do for me!

Today I am thankful for:

My family.
My boyfriend.
My dogs.
My time off from work.
My Internet.
My blog time.
My program.
My ability to see what I need to change.
My willingness to change those things I need to change!
The many blessings I have which I can appreciate now and not take for granted.
My Heat!!! Not so far away from here is St. Jo, whose power took a hit a couple of weeks ago and stayed out for quite some time!!!!
My car - dependable even with a problem.
Those new tires my dad fussed at me about getting(another thing I didn't take care of me immediately as I should have).
The free Ham and Turkey I was blessed with this season!
Christmas time!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Talk about unmanageable! I have worked so much this week. As is expected in Accounting, but this job has gotten to be quite ridiculous on the overtime hours. Especially for me in a salaried position. It is really crazy. But my job does need to be done. I don't know what to think. OR what to do. Its payroll. All manual by the way. ALL MANUAL!!! Its only a local company but I am not very fast when it comes to calculating cards. I can do ten-key by touch but it really isn't the way we do them. We use a spreadsheet on Excel to calculate the cards. It still isn't faster it seems or I am just really slow. I don’t' know which it is. It is my first payroll job where I am in full charge of everything. That's new. I've only calc'd cards before and that was all I had to do. Here I calc them, code them, enter them, print them, and then distribute them. I do it all. I do have help. I guess I am just fussing. It will get better. I hope anyway. I love the job, I really do. I actually love it! I like who I work for and who I work with. I don't care for my boss' tone sometimes but I don't take it personally. I can thank my program for that. I am so tired today(Friday). I worked way too long last night and couldn't help it! I need a meeting but I am too tired. Maybe Sunday night I'm thinking. My car needs the rest anyway. Hopefully, it will be fixed tomorrow(Saturday)!

This was the kind of thing my ex complained about when we were together. I totally see it now. But now I am in a slightly different position. My job needs to be done to a certain point each Thursday and any thing less means I am behind. So I don't get it. Its been five months and I'm not getting any faster! It seems. She said give myself six to get it all, but of course I'm very impatient and it isn't making anything any better. And she seems to be losing patience too. Needless to say I am a bit worried. I love it but I am worried.

Thankful for the job God has provided...I pray he gives me the ability to perform it better, in a speedier manner!

I thank God for the man in my life. Even though I won't make a move he is still helping me around here. Improve my place so winter won't be so hard. But I need to be pushed to do it!

I just thank God for having so much patience with me...I am so hard headed sometimes....well, lots of times!

I thank God for my program too.