Sunday, March 01, 2009

Been gone a minute or two!

Well, its been a very long time since I've been here! I was diagnosed with Diabetes in December and I've been really working on me! Still haven't been to a meeting, still stressed at work, my beau has moved in now, and I am about to start a diet to lose weight so I can get off these meds I'm on! I hope I can do it. The Dr. Ian Four Day Diet. Myself and family members too. I am hoping this will be good to my body! I am doing well on watching what I eat and I am doing well with my blood sugar.

My body is getting used to the lower blood sugars too. It used to affect me when I got into the 300's but now it affects me when it goes into the 200's! I am staying pretty much into my target ranges, 100 - 150 except for some mornings I am over 120. I will see an educator this week so I can figure out what is going on there with my higher numbers in the morning!

I think I really need to get back to my meetings again. I just notice some codependent behavior I want to change or maybe that I just noticed. So I think I need to pick back up my meetings and my daily readings. Well, so much for now!