Monday, September 20, 2004

My Weekend Happenings

My weekend was very full to say the least...
First, it was Arrowhead Stadium, the Red Friday Fanfest with vendors, food, music and a pep rally.  That was very long!  I was there with the Avon booth and we got lots of leads and made quite a few sales too.  Since that lasted until 11pm, I had nothing else that day.  Saturday I went to St. Joseph, MO to a picnic of former co-workers I haven't seen in at least two years or more!  That was excellent!  We ate, talked and talked and visited one with another, exchanged information, and we all dwindled back home.  It was so good to see everyone!  That evening was back out to Arrowhead but the tiny crowd of prospects was way too small so we cancelled that! 
Then Sunday, it was off to Wichita with my Mom, Dad and sisters.  To get us a NuWay burger!  They are greatly missed by my Mom who was so happy to have one.  She brought back 12 burgers!  They won't be venturing out of Wichita soon...they do sell frozen ones too, but they have to have advance notice for the purchase of frozen NuWays.  That was fun but we took our time getting there and back and now here I am posting.  I still need to get in contact with the leads from the Arrowhead gig we did.  See if maybe I find more people here! 
Today I need to deliver books and orders and tomorrow, its an interview that I have been waiting for!  Wish me luck!!!!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Preparing the new computer

Ah yes, preparing the new computer so hopefully it won't get all filled with crap while at college! What fun! I need a million different programs to do the work I need to keep it safe. I know, not really, it just feels like it! Webroot Spy Sweeper, Pop-up Blocker, Norton Antivirus and AVG, and a firewall I haven't yet decided on. Possibly Zone Alarm, it is free for the basic firewall and I don't have anymore money! So yeah, that will probably be it. I can't find the firewall that comes with XP (or is that with XP Pro?) - not that I've heard its any good. I just wanted to see it really, I've been told not to trust it and get another firewall. Just curious...

It is way to hot here in Missouri, it was terrible today, I think it made it into the high 90s! Oh too hot! Anyway, boring post, tomorrow I need to work (Avon) quite a bit most of the day! Off to sleep!

Monday, August 02, 2004

New computer!!!

My daughter (with the help of her grandmother) purchased a new computer today. Nice Emachine! Athlon processor, 120GB, DVD RW/CDRW drive, smart media readers, NVidia graphics, COOL!!! I get to set it up! Then transfer all her SIMs stuff - uhm, headache! But still fun! :)

She lost what?!

Well, one of my Avon helpers has lost all her orders. I mean someone stole them along with the radio and other valuables out of the vehicle she was using to deliver them! I had this happen once already and Avon doesn't cover it. I still have to pay - what crap! Now this is twice....

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Grand Opening Blog - A little about me...

Well, I figure I am going to try this blogging stuff, I love reading them, the few I do read anyway. So, Welcome! A bit about myself: I am a mom of two teen girls, soon to be married (I'm hoping), Accountant (out of work in this so-called improving economy). I have two dogs whose pics I hope to post soon, one Alaskan Malamute and a tiny Pom. We live in the Show Me State. And I am an Avon Lady as well as a geek. I am not the geekette most high or anything near it - I really just love technology.

I would prefer to be in the IT industry instead of the Accounting field, but this is what I chose back in high school and now I would love to make the change. But it just seems out of reach right now. That's messed up! I took Data Processing in high school where half my day was in this class (which was programming in COBOL & RPG) and had chosen Accounting as the way to go in college. Well, I have my degree (in Accounting) and my experience and now, I have been out of work twice since Sept 11th, and instead want to work with technology. Bummer, huh? I like Accounting, I mean you have to like to do it in order to get your degree! And I was determined to get it no matter how long it took. And I am good at it. I guess I can say both Accounting and Computers/Technology are almost tied as far as what I like to do for work. Accounting has been compared to a puzzle you solve - I think computer repair or troubleshooting is quite the same. And I like solving the puzzles! Anyway, enough of that! Just a little background on me and my career.

Another reason why I started the blog is I can't have a My Family site anymore since they now charge and I can't afford to pay another bill right now. I will work with this and see what happens with it. I wouldn't normally do this much posting on the Family site so, I hope I don't become a bore so feel free to post your comments - I want to know! Be gentle please!

Thanks for reading!