Saturday, January 26, 2008

Working on me this week!

Well, this week was a struggle for me to get myself back on track to taking care of me! I forced myself to leave the office at 5:30 unless I absolutely had to get certain things done. For me, that is only two days a week. I have been staying nearly everyday! Needlessly! Work is never done and now we are shorthanded! One jumped ship and we need help again in an area that is very involved. Well, all our jobs are involved! ALL of THEM!!! So we are all helping in that area as well!

My daughter (oldest) just turned 23 this week and she is pregnant. She had a problem this week and it seemed it was not going to turn out good. But so far, so good. Dr said she was okay as far as he could tell. She had a previous miscarriage, so we are really antsy when she has any complaints or problems and this one seemed very bad. Praying that it will all be okay though!

I finally made it back to my meeting and it was good, its always good! I did share about a thing about me finally stopping working so long and not going home on time. And I was very surprised that it was a struggle for me to do it! It really was! I also went to a Spanish class on Wednesday. I was placed in an Advanced Spanish class and I actually could follow the entirely Spanish conversation. Mostly, not totally! But a lot more than I thought! That was very encouraging to me. I've said I was not good at speaking Spanish, I do stumble over my words a lot but still try. This experience gave me lots of confidence to keep working on it! So I think I will!

Friday, January 18, 2008


I miss blogging, reading, and being read as much as I used to do it. I am so busy I am tired when I get home and don't want to blog. I should be at my meeting too. Maybe I'll go.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Year-end mania!!!

OMG! I thought I worked alot when I mentioned it in a couple of posts ago. No! Year-end is here and DAMN am I working hard! Every night was late. One extra late again and then...our computers died! No I mean our network went haywire. Besides needing a software upgrade for year end. Which I guess can only be done at year-end, the network or servers flipped out and the whole company was paralyzed! And since we do our payroll in house, we could not do it on the normal schedule. So it was all completely processed on Friday!!! That wasn't as bad as it seemed - but I had lots of help - three of us working on it all day long. Geez!!! It did get done! Very late but done!!! Everybody got paid!!!

I still love my job! And I thank God for it!