Saturday, August 30, 2008

Historic Week

I just am amazed by what I have seen this week. The first African-American to be the Presidential Candidate, and the first woman Vice Presidential Candidate! Okay, so not the first - I forgot about Ms Ferraro!!!! Still, I am so shocked and amazed at us(America)! And grateful! I didn't think I'd see either this soon in my life! I still think Hillary should be the VP, but it isn't over yet! I am in awe.

I ended up not taking on so much of the position that is leaving. It did seem impossible and I kept saying so. So now it was dumped on others. I feel pressure still, but it isn't so hard anymore. I feel like I can only do what I can do and they see that. I feel good about it but it always sits in my mind that they think I should do more. And it just doesn't happen. I don't know if its good or bad. Good for me, I'm not killing myself.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tension due to work

I feel the tension again. My job wants me to take on new responsibilities since someone is leaving. I want the learning experience but I think it will be a lot of pressure...not sure what I want to do. Its made me a little scared...I am not understanding that part. I am worried I guess of being more responsible for the things they are asking me to do. Much of which I do partly but not fully in my current position.

What to do... what to do....

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Just some thoughts

Well, I can sleep again much better now. When the little one isn't barking at anyone! He seemed more quiet when Timber was around. I don't recall him barking so much but, I could have just slept deeper at that time.

I still have not been back to my meetings on Fridays. I want to, but never feel like it. Though I am still posting to an online group. And reading but not too much. I am doing the daily reading of Courage to Change on a daily basis. Still seeing myself in there - a LOT! I am really not sure what to post today, just checking on my blog...somebody tagged me as SPAM for some reason. Or whatever happened. Anyway, I guess its okay, I am now on it so, I can access it again.

I was thinking about how I am late for work still. Or again actually. I still love my job. It is stressful, fast-paced, etc. I keep trying to change my early morning bad habits but I don't! As much as I plan for it to change things, it just doesn't happen. And I don't get it! I try going to bed earlier, then I feel groggy or bad the next morning. I get little sleep and most times I feel real good but I get tired after lunch. I don't know what to do. Maybe I need to keep praying.

I guess I'll try.