Saturday, February 23, 2008

Feeling Helpless

My daughter is still in the hospital and things seem to have come to a standstill. That's a good thing. At least the baby is hanging on. So many are praying for her. I am so sorry to see her this way and I wish I could do something to help her feel better. Just being there is all I can do. I can bring her stuff she wants too. I feel so helpless but very much in prayer for her too. Ups and downs in both her spirits and mine. I want to do whatever but I am power less....I guess not really...I can still pray and just be there for her and she loves that part. So let me stop all that.

I am thankful I can be there and my bf is supportive of me while I am gone for so long. I know it would be different with my ex even though it is his daughter. He is kinda not taking all this so well. I also feel like I am neglecting my new bf being up there all night after work. But he hasn't said anything and why I even feel that way I do not understand. So I figure its just my coda traits still trying to go to work on me. I think I can be there for everybody at all times! Who do I think I am? LOL!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still pregnant!!!

Well, my birthday, bellybutton birthday just passed on the 11th. I was in the hospital with my daughter who is pregnant. She had another problem and we though, well even the doctors thought, that she was losing the baby. I am happy to say she is still pregnant but will be on bed rest until the baby comes. She is only at 5 months this week.

Poor thing she is one who hates, absolutely hates to be alone. And now she can't stand the hospital so its worse. She can't get out of the bed for anything. I've seen her daily and I am very tired. I have to shorten my visits and maybe go every other day or just make sure I get some rest!

We got our first bunch of H2A workers this past week so payroll is gonna be a bit more taxing on me too. But I do have permanent help I think! Yeah! Okay, enough for now. I am tired and still not done with stuff for tomorrow!