Sunday, August 16, 2009

All turning out well...

Well, concerning my last post, it does seem to be turning out okay. I, on the other hand am still depriving myself of sleep. I am on vacation for a few days and seem to have stuffed my first day full of stuff I want to do. And I should be in bed, but fighting it again.

I just dropped my oldest off at college and I am glad she is going back. Still worried about the financial part of it. But it hasn't seemed to stop her from going.

One of my darlings got into some trouble and I don't want to post exactly what - even though if you are in AA or Al-Anon circles, it really applies here. She is working this matter out herself and I am glad to see that. I have helped her a little this week, glad to do so though. It doesn't get requested often. But it is in her hands and she is taking care of it.

I am getting quite a bit of exercise and my blood sugar numbers are looking really good. I did get my A1C down from 7.2 to 6.3! So very happy about that. My goal was 6.5, but I never thought it would drop down so fast!!! I am very tired though, maybe its the SLEEP I'm still missing!!! Ya Think???

I need to get to a meeting. I think I will go sometime this week!

Good night!