Friday, February 10, 2012

The Night Before My Birthday

I took the day off from work. I played all day with my new cell phone (since January its new). I laid in bed with my phone and my little Shit zu, Deacon. He loves it when I am home with him all day. He stays right next to me all the time. I shop so much on my phone. I feel like its a game to find the most useful apps when I really don't use them much at all. Not enough time to use them a lot! I loved it, I slept in (8:30am), stayed in bed other than what I had to do. Deacon loved it too.

My family and I had dinner at a local Indian restaurant. My friend who is going through crazy stuff also came. It was good to see her having a good time. I love being with my family. Missed my dad a lot again. The kids gave me a card that made me almost cry again! And money! Woo hoo! I was surprised about that one! I think I will go purse shopping tomorrow with that! I also got two Taebo DVDs, some I had been looking at but had not purchased. Although I did find one - but it turned out to be not what I was wanting. But we will see. I have not bought any of the new Taebo stuff. Not sure why. I think I just like the Zumba and Biggest Loser DVDs more.

Work is going better since January is over! Its been crazy the last couple months. Seems like that for everyone though.

Still no meetings...but I think I want to go to Grief share again since Papa's death. It helped me with Mama's death immensely and I think I would benefit the same now. I know its still pretty fresh having happened in August but it is affecting me very differently now. I feel my concentration is gone! I make lots of mistakes at work, that I think I should have seen coming. If I get stuck on something I can't set it aside and try later - I stick with it but I don't get anywhere with it! I have never had so much trouble on a job before. The thing is, it started before my dad passed away and I also had a really bad year the year my mom passed away. Like it was a warning something big was coming in the future or something. Weird. But anyway, I seem to find comfort in my electronics, my online game, my nocturne romance books, anything to take me away from where I am in my real life.

I did start going back to church at the prodding of one of my kids. So that is great! I found an app of the Bible and so I don't need to carry my bible to church now. I do love that idea. I can also make notes in it and search it -- easier than the normal way. So we will see how that goes.

Well, bedtime. Gotta get up early tomorrow and I am late...

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